Americorps 2011-2012

When my previous Americorp internship ended in August 2011, I decided to re-enroll for a full time position. In October, I continued interning at the same institution, while splitting time at the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. Over the course of a year, I was able to continue utilizing and developing my skills.

At The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, I was able to design and develop an iOS App that provided artwork and artist information for the ISEA2012 Exhibition installed at the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History.  I was also given the opportunity to design posters, brochures, and educational booklets. During Albuquerque’s centennial, I created a scavenger hunt using SCVNGR. I designed signage for how to play as well as a recognizable stickers to be placed near Artworks related to the scavenger hunt.

At the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, I designed and developed the backend for the Office of Archaeological Studies Pottery Typology Project Website. The admin side interface allows users to enter pottery based types into a database. I also provided content management and developed registration forms for the New Mexico Association of Museum Annual Conference.