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DCA Events Plugin

DCA Events WordPress Plugin displays events from the NMDCA Media Center Events API See docs:


Museduino Cultural Technology Development Lab Research and documentation of Museduino, an open-source system for exhibits and installations. Visit Website

Dorr VR


Dorr AR


Gear VR

Gear VR Aside from the Gear VR headset, the Innovator Edition package includes a 16GB MicroSD card and adapter, a… Read More »Gear VR

Pi Beacon

What are Beacons/iBeacon? Beacons are hardware that use Bluetooth Low Energy to advertise a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) to devices,… Read More »Pi Beacon

Pi Tweet

Wifi Install wifi dongle for internet access on the Pi Twitter/Tweepy Tweepy is a Python library for accessing the Twitter… Read More »Pi Tweet

Wii Paint

Wii Paint is a desktop application I wrote in Objective-C. It works in use with a Wii Remote, a battery… Read More »Wii Paint

MW 2013

Last week, I attended Museums and the Web in one of my favorite cities, Portland. I served as a conference… Read More »MW 2013

C++ Black Jack

Below is a Black Jack text based game I developed in C++. blackjack.cpp file //============================================================================ // Name : blackjack.cpp //… Read More »C++ Black Jack


PICT: Program for Cultural Technology New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Emergence: A New View of Life’s Origin… Read More »PICT