Interactive Haunted Hallway

This Halloween I was tasked with designing a few themed interactives.


I came up with a couple of ideas, one being a choose your own adventure style interactive where participants can select a level of fear they are comfortable with. On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest), participants are unknowingly selecting a possibly creepy halloween themed gif to be projected on a scrim in the hallway they will walk through.


Using foam board, I constructed a basic control box to house all the electronic components.


The arduino is connected to breadboard with LEDs, potentiometer, and servo motor.


The arduino is also connected to a macbook with long HDMI cable connected to pico pocket projector mounted in the hall.




I planned to have spiders drop down from the ceiling when movement is detected. I started prototyping with servo motors but in order to wind up the spider in both directions, I then moved onto a couple DC toy hobby motors from Adafruit. However, working with DC motors was quite the challenge. There was so much troubleshooting involved and the hobby motors I got turned out not to be ideal. I had purchased a few different sized halloween spiders, but the motors torque and size could not handle the weight of any of the spiders. Due to this issue, I constructed some spiders out of pipe cleaners. Eventually, everything worked.


Again, I constructed another foam board box to be mounted to the ceiling/wall and house all the electronic components.


A PING sensor is long enough to be mounted to the side of the wall. This will be triggered when participants walk by.


Watch this video to see the interactives in action.

For further documentation of the Haunted Hallway project, feel free to download this PDF.

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