Touch Table Interactive

I have been working on two 55′ inch touch table interactives for the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum and their upcoming exhibit on S.A. Andree’s failed attempt to get to the North Pole via hot air balloon in 1897.

Early Prototype screenshots:

The first touch table will be embedded in a antique table and housed in a space designed as a victorian study. The table will feature vintage diaries that contain content about SA Andree’s expedition plan and other polar expeditions at the time.

The second table will be embedded in an iceberg shape and housed in a space referred to as the Ice Room. The table will feature content based on the events of SA Andree’s flight and artifacts found at the crews final camp on White Island.

The framework for both interactives have been developed with Hammer.js, an open-source javascript gesture library and NW.js, a tool which packages and distributes node.js based web apps as desktop applications.

demo code

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