Segesser Hides

Segesser Hides Interactive

NM History Museum

The Segesser Hides are paintings on tanned bison hides that depict early Spanish colonial life in the New Mexico.  The interactive allows users to zoom in to get a detailed look of the hides and learn more about the unique sections of the paintings.

This project was built with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and open source Javascript libraries. It uses assets from the original Adobe Flash version of the Segesser Hides interactive.

Adobe Flash is outdated, proprietary and not supported on modern browsers and devices . By converting from Flash to web programming languages, the new interactive is now available in the museum’s gallery on a touchscreen and on the web.


Stockpile Stewardship

Stockpile Stewardship video players

National Atomic Testing Museum

The video player application was built as a desktop application for the Surface Pro 8 tablet. Each application plays videos in fullscreen.
This project was built using open source Javascript frameworks including Vue and Electron.



Cultural Technology Development Lab

Research and documentation of Museduino, an open-source system for exhibits and installations.